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Building a roof is not an easy task whether it’s a repair service or a brand-new roof surface. Investing your money on qualified roof building and maintenance is always challenging, so it’s our mission to provide designed, in-depth assessment, and careful attention to all details regarding a new roof project.


In Roof Troops, we narrow-down every slight chance of unexpected future repairs by completing our 4 phased-system:

1st PHASE: diagnosis

We dive into the future when planning our projects. Each roof has a series of distinguished features that either simplifies or hinders the repairing and construction services for our teams. Therefore, our troops are able to diagnose the structure of the commercial/residential building.


Essentially, our initial phase is based on tracing deficiencies or defects on the structure of the roof to acquire a prior understanding on the project’s demands.


Once we run up what we need, we will decide which technology fits better according to the roof’s previous inspection. These are 3 of our main technologies:


Thermal roofs help your business to create a comfortable environment inside the building. It protects it from high and low temperatures. It also helps you to reduce heating and cooling energy costs.


An energy-based roof is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof which absorbs less solar energy and creates a cooling ambience inside the building.


This is a photovoltaic system that generates electricity on the rooftop by catching solar rays. A solar panel system can minimize energy costs in commercial buildings.

Depending on the chosen system, our troops also have to select a type of material to prepare the base of the roof’s system. These are 5 of our construction materials:

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Asphalt is an economical, long-lasting material that gathers a wide variety of colors and styles. Depending on the area of the building, asphalt shingles can provide reliable waterproofing features as well as a 15-20+ years durable roof system. These shingles are preferred by roofers and commercial owners.

Ceramic Tile

Tiles demonstrate great character when creativity is holding the roof-building project. Ceramic tiles are durable, resistant and also fireproof. Normally, ceramic tiles are attached to Spanish architecture which gives it a sassy appearance and great-looking glow. A tiled roof can last 50 to 70+ years if quality is demanded.


Slates give a sophisticated look to a commercial roof. A slate provides a naturally resistant, invulnerable, fireproof, easy to maintain constructing appearance. Slates have a core material which transforms the quality of a roof from dull to extraordinary.


Wood shakes are a green-friendly roofing choice for every business that prevents environmental destruction. We use recycled wood or harvested wood to reduce the impact on further accidents as water runoffs. Wood has a 30+ years useful life expectation and helps you to protect your investments.


When maintenance is not your thing, then a metal roof is your most viable choice. Metal shingles are expected to grant low maintenance, they are lightweight, and they provide a friendly-environment space to your business and employees.

2nd PHASE: project planning

In the second phase of the project, we review the information collected from the diagnosis and the evaluation of your commercial building. Once we gather all details, we begin to plan and develop the roofing project’s strategy based on the scope of the further work to be done, the materials to be used, the trades required to finish the project, and the selection of our most qualified troopers.


When planning is over, we exchange the information to the owner of the commercial building for further instructions and specific details that are important to run up the roofing project with ease.

3rd PHASE: execution and obligations 

Before the project plan begins its execution, there are details to be checked. Firstly, the owner has to convey all documents  needed to confirm their rightful entitlement to the commercial building in which they are intended to hire a construction service and/or a roof installment service to complete the project.


By having this phase contemplated, we now create a responsibility criteria among the owner of the commercial building and the Roof Troops employees. In this way, we can delegate certain responsibilities to our trooper staff, as well as indispensable safety requirements to secure our troopers wellbeing while performing the installation of re-installation of the roof.

4th PHASE: post-completion phase

Once we reach phase four, we assess on every stage and every phase of the roofing project. Here, Roof Troops checks, clarifies and organizes any pending issues or defects that need to be solved immediately.


After all details and defaults are cleared up, our job will be done. The owner can now check the final product and also verify the state of the roof for one last checking.


In Roof Troops, we acknowledge the need to have a safe roofing system to guarantee the success of a business. So, if you need a new trustworthy, safe, roofing system, you can always contact us.

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