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Keeping your business and commerces safe is essential to save you from high roof repairing costs. Most of our clients are not aware of the importance which a roof forensic service can do for their business until they truthfully need it.


Commercial roof inspections help to increase a roof lifespan as well as hiring an annual maintenance inspection to keep repairs under control. However, many commercial roof owners tend to overlook the essence of having a healthy and functional roof system.


It’s become extremely common to meet owners that share the same thought: “let’s hold back until the damage is visible”. Please, do not share this thinking, for it is inconvenient for your business and the commercial building itself.

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What is the purpose of a Roof Forensic Inspection?

Similar to a doctor that checks on its patients, a licensed roof contractor verifies the quality and condition of the roof on a commercial/residential structure. The Roof Inspector is expected to identify a wide array of issues even before you need a reparation or complete replacement.


At Roof Troops, we encourage our clients to always keep an eye on their commercial roofs, for it’s clear that many owners constantly avoid roof inspections due to the high costs.


On one hand, an annual roof inspection is less expensive because it identifies essential issues prior to being damaged. On the other hand, replacing an entire roof system due to severe destruction of its structure can actually cost more money than several years annual inspections.

Why commercial building owners should schedule a roof forensics inspection

It all depends on the need of your business to have your roof inspected  by a professional commercial roofing contractor. Occasionally, you might find stains on walls or water droplets. These are signs of a roof that urgently needs repairs.

At Roof Troops, we consider prevention to be an essential tactic to combat all kind of issues that your commercial building may be exposed over time. Let us show you the reasons why you should have a roof inspector to verify the condition of your roof:

Increases roof lifespan

Our job is more than an usual once-in-a-lifetime inspection service. We thoughtfully take into consideration your successful business, your money, and your time. For this reason, once your commercial roof displays signs of deterioration, there’s no time to waste.


The longer you extend the need for a roof inspection, the more expensive the repairing cost of your roof may be. Having your roof system inspected every year can prolong its lifespan and minimize the possibility to require a full replacement or a complete roof installation.

Detects hidden or visible damages

The ultimate cause of damaged roofs is due to water damage. Detecting these water droplets can be almost impossible without the appropriate, professional approach. While the outer surface may appear to be in excellent conditions, moisture, molds and more can be building up underneath the surface into the walls and inner structures of your commercial building.


Our troops are specialized in identifying all kinds of roofing issues meanwhile providing you with experienced insight on how to address the issue properly.

Reduces the risk of interior and exterior damage

When hiring a roof forensic inspection service, we are not only verifying your roof and its status, but we also detect any signs of interior and exterior damage caused by water droplets, molds, moistures, etc.


A roof acts as the primary line of defense against natural forces such as heavy rain, draughts of storms, especially in the area of Orlando. If you discover any water leaking, dark spots or trails, this might mean one thing: your roof is possible to deteriorate the structure of your commercial building.

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Benefits of a Commercial Roof Forensic Service

Save money

Without appropriate knowledge, repairing a full roof system can be damaging, especially if it’s the owner performing the repairs. Many commercial building owners tend to avoid spending money on roof inspections. However, it becomes more expensive in the long run, so it’s important to understand the importance of inspecting your roofs to keep your money safe.

Ensures proper drainage

Once your roof has been detected to have poor performance in your business, it’s necessary to start immediate repairs. You must prioritize your roof lifespan by ensuring a sound drainage system to prevent further water leaking damages.

Keeps your business safe

A roof inspection is expected to detect damages that any roof can have. However, if this inspection is not performed regularly, it’s possible that your commercial building is in danger. Water leaking can harm either interior or exterior structures, so it’s important to perform preventive actions in order to maintain your roof’s performance.

Hire a Roof Contractor Now!

At Roof Troops, every single one of our troops have the capacity to detect and resolve any issues regarding the health of your roof. Contact us to schedule your roof forensics inspection now!

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