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Tales of a Re-roof (Scale)

Replacing a roof in Miami Dade and Broward counties can be quite the experience.

For starters, it is the largest construction job you can do on a house. Per square foot, there is no other project that requires more labor and materials than a roof replacement. As a result, the amount of workers, delivery trucks, materials, tools, and debris surpass anything you may have seen before. One time when a customer asked if I could do her roof in 3 days. I said, "I can do it, the question is: does it honor the scale of the project?". After further insight, she realized that allowing the process would maximize the odds of a sucessful roof replacement.

Just by sheer size alone, wether it be: shingle, tile, metal, flat, any roof, give the project the time and dedication it deserves. Remember it is the decision that will provide for the cover against the elements for the next 20+ years. 

The scale of the thing is a good reason to akcnowledge many things could appear along the way.

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