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Did you know that, according to The American Insurance Association, water leaks result in over $10 billions in property losses every year?


At Roof Troops, we are determined to help you save your property’s roof, whether commercial or residential, by providing you with the best quality and most honest water leak detection service.


Our troops will take on the mission to correct those leaks so your business may continue running uninterrupted.

What is leak detection?

Leak detection is a process where many steps are taken in order to figure out the source of water infiltration, even if it is not easily spotted at first sight. Relative to the type of roof system and geometry, specific tactics and techniques are used to determine the exact location of the leak.


Signs of roof leaks

There are some signs that are common when a roof has water leaks.  If you hire a licensed roofing company to do repairs or occasional inspections to your roof, you might run across one or many of them, like ponding water, mold, drip stains or, discoloration. If your roof and/or ceiling present any of these, immediate attention is required.


Many commercial building owners in Orlando are well too familiar to the situation when they discover stains in their walls and ceilings. Even though Florida weather is unforgiving, poorly maintained roofs are the main reason commercial buildings develop humidity within their walls and ceilings, ultimately resulting in stains.


When stains are detected, it’s naturally complex to determine the source of the water stain. It’s also difficult to unveil how much time has the water been leaking off on the walls.


In the meantime, it’s essential to hush the mission and find the origin of the water stains, and the roof is an important starting point.

Dripping Water

One unique and vividly terrifying sign of water leak is dripping water. When a commercial roof has water rivulets, droplets or puddles on the floor, it’s often tagged as an obvious sign that your roof needs maintenance and repair.


Consequently, if the water leak is large or there are many of them, an immediate roof repair or replacement is needed.

Mold and Odor

Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential home, mold naturally grow in damps spots that were originated by water leaks. As a  consequence, a strange odor emerges and health hazard could be of consequence as well.


Other common commercial roof leaks are caused by:


  • Pest infestation

  • Clogged gutters

  • Cracks in the roof membrane

  • Failures in the flashing

  • Aged materials

  • Dismal drainage

  • Open penetrations

Don’t waste more time. Call Roof Troops, Commercial Roofing Contractor

Here at Roof Troops, we gather 10+ years of experience. Some customers had doubts, but we managed to narrow down every detail and every impossible scenario to make it worthy for them.


We know how important it is for your business to be leak free. Therefore, these are 2 important reasons to call our Leak Detection Experts:

  1. Detect problems in unusual places

As a Commercial Roofing Contractor, we are aware of most of the atypical roof leaks. Sometimes, when you see the water leaking through the roof and walls, you might think the initial spot is close. However, the water well may be even farther away and deeper than you think. Fortunately, our experienced leak detection experts have the abilities to identify leaks from the roof to the ground. We have the tools and resources to detect and repair any possible leak problem in your commercial roof.

2. Prevent further repairs

A professional opinion is a great way to keep a business going. By detecting leaks prior to further problems, you can save money and have your commercial roof safe and sound for longer time. Leaks indicate serious structural issues regarding the roofing system, and by preventing bigger problems and side effects like mold or mildew, your business will save every penny.

Keep Calm, Save Time, and Money

  • Our Leak Detection Service is fast, accurate and essentially important to avoid water leaks, mold, and damaged walls from hindering your property.


  • We provide non-destructive methods and experienced professionals to detect every leak menace.


  • Our leak detection service will save you time and money while allowing you to focus in your growing business.

If you are noticing some signs that might be caused by leaks in your roof, call our troops for a professional leak detection service.

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