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Even the tiniest leak in your roof can have disastrous outcomes to your commercial building.


At Roof Troops, we understand that commercial buildings enclose a variety of important events such as manufacturing processes, cooking, meetings, celebrations or, just products storaging which are in danger if the roof isn’t properly maintained.


Many commercial building owners overlook the essential role that a roof plays, and many owners don’t appreciate it until something goes unexpectedly wrong, like a leak.



A roof malfunction can occur at any time. Be sure to obtain immediate professional assessment. At Roof Troops, you can count on us to provide outstanding emergency roofing repairs at once:

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof can usher in the emergence of water damage, stains on the walls, and mold growth. Therefore, it’s vital to act fast in order to keep a healthy structure in the roof system and also in the inner structure of the commercial building.


Countless commercial properties have once had a leak on their roof, and occasionally, it’s arduous to detect and identify the source of the damage. This is the reason why you should contact us for professional commercial roof emergency repair.

Weather Damages

Trees, limbs, hail, heavy rain or even extreme winds can damage a roof which compromises its structural integrity. Our troops are aware that environmental factors such as these are grueling to predict and impossible to control them.


Taking into consideration these extreme components of nature, our emergency roof repair team immediately react to help you resolve these situations as quickly as possible.

Roof Penetrations

After a heavy rain or an extreme weather condition hits the surface of your commercial roof, its structure may have large damage due to materials -trees, hail, metal, etc- penetrating it, as well as temporary or permanent animal homes that deteriorate the integrity of the roof. We protect your roof by eliminating any possible sign of damage caused by any type of penetration.

Fire & Other Disasters

At Roof Troops, our job is to provide efficient and effective solutions when an accident emerges. Natural disasters such as fires, storms, heavy winds and heavy rains can severely damage roof inner structure. When our troops check your roof, we utilize resistant material to ensure roof durability.


Here at Roof Troops, we offer the highest quality and the most experienced troops to handle any kind of emergency regarding the performance of your commercial roof system.


We are experienced in detecting all kinds of roof malfunctioning signs  such as leaks, stains, moistures, molds; and we perform the finest maintenance to prevent large repairs in the long run.


Our work is highly recognized within Orlando communities for many years. We are a licensed roof contractor in Florida and  possess  the knowledge and experience to carry out emergency repairs and maintenance services in shortest time.


We provide a 24-hour emergency program that guarantees immediate response towards any roof issue. Moreover, we ensure direct communication with our troops to address roof malfunctions that you may be experiencing, as well as final reports that include information of the repair, maintenance program, and proof once our work is done.

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