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At Roof Troops, we have specialized in full service commercial roofing in Orlando and, have tailored services focused on what most business owner’s need... expertise, reliability, and emergency response!

We are a licensed commercial roofing contractor in Orlando and specialized in new commercial roofing projects. Our professionals will inspect your roof thoroughly and offer you the best option whether to take care of repairs or remove your old roof and build a new roof your commercial building.

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Roof leaks can be a struggle if you let them unattended. Our troops master the method of locating leaks, proceed to repair them and provide you with a series of preventive and maintenance solutions.

Not sure about your roof’s performance? Let our troops inspect, monitor, and test your roof to. We can provide a yearly budgetary approach that will gradually ensure your roofing dollars will be optimized. A commercial roofing in Orlando malfunction can occur at any time. Be sure to obtain immediate professional assessment.

Our troops are 24/7 ready to deploy on a moment’s notice. In case of an emergency, our troopers are ready to assist with mitigation repairs and long-term solutions. Our strong wind program puts you in the VIP list when most people find themselves in need of a roofer immediately. At Roof Troops, you can count on us to provide outstanding emergency roofing repairs at once. We are experienced in detecting all kinds of roof malfunctioning signs in commercial roofing in Orlando such as leaks, stains, moistures, molds; and we perform the finest maintenance to prevent large repairs in the long run.

You now heard about roof maintenance for Commercial Roofing  in Orlando, not to worry. All TPO warranties call for a maintenance plan depicting formal documentation to actively cover your roof. In addition, insurance companies request these documents to support the eventuality of a claim. Our professionals provide preventative maintenance inspections for leaks, cracks and damaged wood. Keep your business safe and sound all the time.

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