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A TPO roof is a Thermoplastic Polyolefin membrane that is originally manufactured in large sized rolls.
These rolls are delivered and loaded to the roofing deck structure to later be properly installed according to a variety of different configurations. The most important reason TPO roofs have been the largest growing sector in roofing since its inception, is the characteristic the material has, to weld to itself. Self-welding allows for the installer to merge the seams, creating a monolithic structure on the entire roof.

As the years pass by after the original installation, the TPO membrane becomes subject to a plethora of ele ments: UV rays, precipitation, high wind pressures, structural movement, falling debris, and in many instances, foot traffic, and cigarette buds. Being that most of these factors are specific and unpredictable, all TPO roofs should have a recurrent maintenance program in place to ensure the intended conditions exist to maximize its lifetime.

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Warranty and insurance

All TPO warranties call for a maintenance plan depicting formal documentation to actively cover your roof. In addition, insurance companies request these documents to support the eventuality of a claim.

The Plan

In Roof Troops, we pair up all our TPO roofs with a unique and hyper-valuable maintenance plan. The plan consists of 2 options


Recommended for simple roof layouts with low-traffic configurations.

2 Deployments per year. Each deployment consists of the following:

• Roof soft wash

• Roof inspection and report

• Seam probing • Seam reinforcement where deemed vulnerable

• Up-to (4) complimentary “pocket patches” if necessary

• Membership of the immediate response client case

• Warranty update certification


Recommended for complex roof layouts with mechanical equipment, skylights, vents, and/or lightning protection.


3 Deployments per year. Each deployment including all in option 1 plus the following:

• Roof log system

• Minor repairs not to exceed $500 equivalent to T&M cost


Each roof plan is tailored to each property manager on a case-by-case basis. Please contact one of our Maintenance officers and schedule an initial visit for more details.

Please contact us via email to

to get your TPO assessed and paired up with the best maintenance plan today.

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