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Wood approximation without exaggeration.

It is probably the most common question I receive from homeowners: "How much wood will be replaced?" 

Since there is no available technology, nor records to go by, assessing the exact amount of damaged wood, prior to the roof replacement, is impossible. A good approximation can be achieved experienced professionals, but claiming 100% accuracy is not realistic. 

The solution, is a reasonable, pre-determined, "wood replacement schedule". This document should be agreed and signed between homeowner and roofing contractor prior to the tear off date. In addition, a thorough report of the wood replaced should be done at the end of the "carpentry days".

Because of the precipitation and climate in the South Florida / Miami Dade / Broward County area, wood integrity underneath your roof, should always be a concern. At Roof Troops, we will give you the best approximation without exaggeration,  guaranteed.

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