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How Tile Roofs Get Installed With Foam.

Technology has impacted tile roofs in the past roofing cycle (20 years), dramatically. The main improvement has been developed in the way tiles get adhered to the roof. For centuries,  tiles were installed by combining fasteners and cement. This proved to be ideal until foam was introduced. 

Foam adhesives are relatively simple. Take two equal parts of liquid components under pressure. Apply them by using a special spraying system. The mix reacts within 5 minutes. As it sets, it expands; increasing its volume over 20 times. Once the chemical reaction resumes, the resulting product is very rigid, light-weight, and waterproof. As the mixture expands, on a microscopic level, the material conforms to its surroundings making it a permanent bonding agent.

Foam systems are now the norm of tile roofs in South Florida. There are three different ways of installing foam adhesives and there are many factors that affect the performance of the product. It is of principal importance to ensure the crew installing the tile knows

 about these specific variables to get the job right. Roof Troops tile crews are certified by the foam manufacturers and trained to install the tile per specs.

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